Idaho Falls Emergency Clinic

3151 McNeil Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83402







Upon arrival, your pet will be triaged and receive an initial examination and evaluation by our veterinarian. All patients will be charged an emergency exam fee of $100 for this initial exam.


After examining your pet, we will give you a written treatment plan that details the diagnostics and/or treatments necessary for your pet. We provide both a low and a high estimate of the price of care so you can make an educated decision as to how to proceed.




Our on-site laboratory enables us to do both blood test and urinalysis so we can pinpoint what is happening with your pet.

We also partner with EIRMC and WestVet to run more complex lab-work when necessary.




Our state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment allows us to e-mail your pet's x-rays to your veterinarian. Any x-rays we take of your pet will also be burned to a CD for you to take home.



Our full surgical suite makes it possible for us to provide the best surgical care should your pet's condition warrant it.




Our hospital is fully equipped to provide whatever level of care your pet needs, including fluid therapy, pain management, oxygen therapy, transfusion therapy, toxicity treatment, and (most importantly) extra tender loving care.